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In Good Company

Financial Confidence at Work

We’re proud to offer employers a unique type of benefit for their teams – In Good Company financial education workshops led by our experienced financial professionals. Now available virtually over Zoom, this offering uses hands-on activities, group discussions and clear guidance from our instructors to connect employees with the financial know-how to navigate a changing world.

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Personal Insights

In each workshop, our professionals empower guests to explore their personal values, the goals they hope to accomplish and how their financial approach can help them get there.

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Engaging Experience

Whether held online or on-site at your workplace, each In Good Company workshop uses interactive activities and open conversations to bring teams together to improve their financial wellness.

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Approachable Guidance

Our experienced financial professionals provide complimentary consultations after workshops to help your employees take the next step.

Discover More

Visit the In Good Company website to find out more about how these innovative workshops could empower your team.